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Happy 15th Birthday, Georgia!!

My girl. I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like my life began with you. I was meant to be your mom. It truly was the defining moment in my life when I knew it was everything worth living for. I will never forget as a toddler you came

Miles turns 2!

Well another year has come and gone and it was time for me to photograph the “all smiles” Miles! I’ve only ever seen him smile! And on this particular session, I saw his new love for adventure. About half way through our session

Sewall Family

Absolutely love this crew! Back in the day I actually taught Ella & Easton’s AWANA cubbies class! Business and life easily blend in the world of photography because we end up photographing friends in our life and clients quickly become

Ellie Kate at 6 months

This sweet family has been with KKP since the beginning and I love watching them grow! I started photographing Matt & Monica when Monica was pregnant with their first baby girl, Madelyn! Ellie Kate was quite serious at her 6 month shoot, but I

Happy 9th Birthday, Benjamin!

So…I’ve already wept like a baby this morning and thrown a temper tantrum like a toddler. I do not want time to keep slipping through my fingers. I walked the halls of Woodland Elementary this morning to take donuts to Benjamin’s

Dear Friends…

that’s who the Dowlings are to me and my family. Sometimes it’s the dearest people we have the hardest time writing about. That’s what I’m finding today. I’ve tried 3 times to say what my heart feels and I just

Grant turns ONE!

I absolutely LOVE meeting a couple and seeing their family grow! I had met up with Erin & Ben for a maternity session and then again for newborn pictures, so it was such a fun request to be asked to come out for Grant’s 1st birthday with


Oh there is nothing like sisters. And Caroline & Campbell are quite a sweet pair! So beautiful inside and out. Not just that, but they really do enjoy each other’s company. What a beautiful gift I know they will only come to understand

Making a house a home…

is exactly what the Cuneio crew is doing in their new location! Making memories as a family and creating a space to call home. One of the things I love most is that Matt takes this photo business serious. When Tina asked me about a family session

Life on the river…

is pretty awesome! So, when Amy booked her family session it was pretty clear where we were headed…to the backyard. 😉 I can’t believe the Chapmans lived right down the street from us for 4 years and we never found the time to get

The Williams Family

I could go on and on about how great this family is, but I will keep it short and sweet…they ROCK! Dr. Williams is our dentist and ever since we’ve gone to him, I haven’t had to hate the dentist office. For an anxious patient, he

Texas roots, South Carolina address

The Beickers have found themselves in the heart of the Upstate for a year and I was so glad they asked me to help them remember this time away from their home state of Texas. We had such a great time trekking through the leaves at Campbell’s

Team spirit…

Yep, I’d say the Makosiej family showed up with lots of team spirit! As we are in the throws of football season and I will admit, I do not bleed orange, I do adore this Clemson-loving family. 😉 This crew was all smiles and shared that sweet

Lucas is 6!

There has been so many amazing blessings that have come from Ben playing baseball at Northwood Little League, but one of the greatest is the families we’ve connected with. I honestly don’t remember what life was like before Beth Zow came

Happy 13th Birthday, Kate!

The Spencer girls have been dear to my heart for sometime now and I was thrilled to help Kate celebrate this birthday milestone! I’m pretty sure Kate loves pictures as much as I do…I mean when her mom asked her what she wanted for her

Miles is turning ONE!!

Miles is one blessed boy! I have had the pleasure of knowing his Nonnie, Nancy, for quite some time and I’m pretty partial to her. I mean after all I do have shared custody of Nancy & Peter’s four-legged son, Ace. Truth be told,

Happy 12th Birthday, Georgia!

Georgia on my mind. Today, my baby girl turns 12 and I’ve decided to write her letter. Dearest girlie, I will never forget how you came into the world making a grand entrance 7 weeks before your due date. I will never forget the 2 weeks you


Derrick & Emmett Simons. Brothers…with beautiful families of their own. What a true joy it must be for their father, Jerry, to see his grown boys building happy homes. I got to catch up with the whole crew at Milliken in Spartanburg, South

Welcome to the world, Jack!

There’s just nothing like meeting up with a family to welcome a new little one into the world. Jack is one lucky little guy too…he has TWO big brothers! Dean & Frank are waiting energetically for the days of teaching Jack all about

Daddy’s Girl

Yep. I’m a daddy’s girl. I am eternally grateful for the earthly father I have been given. He doesn’t even have to be here with me, but I hear his motivational talks often in my head. He’s the one that pushes me towards

Welcome to the world, Zachary!

Judy was one of the first people to introduce herself to me when we moved into the neighborhood 3 years ago and had joined the swim team. It made such an impression on me, because as we all know moves are tough. She was so easy to chat with and just

What to wear for your fall photo session

If there’s one thing I get more questions on than anything else, it’s “what do we wear?”. It’s a great question. It can make your photos that much more appealing. Is it more work for you?, yes, but it is so worth it!

Fast Forward

Or maybe I should say, “REWIND”!  Time doesn’t stop for learning curves…so, here I am playing catch up.  I have to admit over the past few months I got sidetracked trying to create a “website looking” blog. I am a

All smiles…

When we moved into Pelham Falls we had no idea the kindness that would be extended to us from neighbors…who quickly became friends! The Plochs are one of those families that just radiates FUN. You can count on them to organize a party and keep